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North Korea Shutting Down Nuclear Reactors

Ok, am I the only person in this country who has heard of this? North Korea has reached a deal with the United States and member of a summit held in China a week ago. In exchange for 100,000 gallons of oil for fuel and power, North Korea has agreed to shut down its nuclear reactors and completely shut down its nuclear weapons program. A country who has proven its muclear capabilities and developed weapons that can carry nuclear war heads, a country which has expressed its distain for our current leader's policies, and a dictator who's instibility has been a source of discomfort for leaders around the world is reliquishing its most powerful weapon, a weapon that is a very big reason why we fear North Korea. Not only is it giving up its nuclear capabilities, but it has agreed to enter talks with the US to resolve disputes and mend its diplomatic relationship with the United States and Japan.

How are Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith more news worthy than this? I have yet to see any previlant new story dealing with this historic agreement. Someone tell me they have heard of this as well!