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N'kay, my turn.

This isn't my first post, so sue me. I'm only now deciding to fully commit. Sex before marriage, I say.

So, I only first saw the movie "Fight Club" about a month ago. So I'm new to Chuck and FC, but I'm not new to the ideas. I love Nietzsche and enlightenment/personal power type ideas. I have some of my own. The narative or story really helps get you there. Teaching in the formal, traditional way is very inefficient. I'm currently exploring the use of Conversation as a way of making it happen. Not teaching conversation, but experience via conversation. I've seen alot of people trying to talk about learning, even some trying to talk about talking about learning. But who is ready to learn while talking? So I'm plopping myself down in the middle here and I'm going to engage some of you.

I'm not stupid, though I haven't had time to read as much as I'd like and I haven't gone up through the education system in order to acquire pieces of paper. I don't believe in that system.

And I don't want to be talked past or through. Talk TO me. I am not a despised group or type or kind or cliche or any other thing you can isolate and marginalize. I'm an indevidual who can think and learn and type all at the same time!

I look forward to the exchanges.