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Nine Inch Nails(Reznor) Marketing Scheme. Palanuick Involved?

Hey guys, Im a huge fan of chucks writing but ive never decided to join until now.

Reason im posting is i thought i would share something alot of you might find interesting. If its in the wrong place please let me know.


Trent Reznor SEEMS to be launching a publicity campaign for his new album Year Zero.

Alot of it is written in a way that reminds me of Chucks' writing style so i thought alot of you might be interested. To get the full skinny on it they have a discussion thread on here where they are constantly decoding the messages. [URL= Thread[/URL]

If you dont want to read through almost 200 pages of people cracking the hidden messages then just check out these things for yourself.

I believe this was the first page found. They got this by using highlighted letters of a Tour Shirt. [URL=]another version of the truth[/URL]

These all link together in one way or another. [URL=]be the hammer[/URL]

MY FAVORITE: This one is an .mp3 file of the "angry sniper" which is what made me believe chuck might have something to do with this. I actually like this one for some reason. [url][/url]

Actualy i think is one was the first. [URL=]"I am Trying to believe"[/URL]

Let me know if u guys lke this stuff or think its just plain dumb. It seems to me like Palanuick and Reznor are quite familar of eachother from what ive read which strenghens my theory. Once again, Let me know if this is a good place to post this...