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Night Cap: Borders Westwood Event

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just got home from the event at Borders Westwood and let me say first off that those 3 guys together are absolutely hilarious! watching them play off each other and make fun of each other was so much fun. one of the highlights of the night was when Chuck's microphone wasn't working and he was passed a note saying to move the microphone "down to his sternum." they made a few jokes about where his sternum was and when moving it there didn't fix the problem Clark suggested he move it to his scrotum.

each of them shared some great insights into the book and film. it was a joy to hear Clark Gregg's excitement and connection with the novel and how he really felt that it was meant to be his to adapt. they all said so many wonderful things that i'll never be able to recount with any accuracy here so i'm really hoping that someone else will be able to jump in (Monkey, Damien: your turn!).

they did have two cameras filming the event so hopefully it will be accessible to everyone somewhere... at some point?

as for the venue: it BIT. whoever organized this event seemed to think that maybe no one would show up. there were 3 or 4 small rows of chairs that were reserved for super-special-people (Fox Searchlight, etc) and the rest of us (which was basically everyone) stood. which meant that most of us couldn't see anything without standing on tip-toe and swaying from side-to-side to look around the 5+ people in front of us. it was the opposite of a happy atmosphere for this type of event. at least 3 people in my vicinity walked out halfway through because they were frustrated. luckily our three heroes were so wonderful to listen to it really was worth the trip despite the poor choice of venue.

now that i've got my complaining out of the way let me say that i had the absolute pleasure of reuniting with Monkeywright and meeting Damien Mayfair and our fearless webmaster Dennis! we hit up a brewpub nearby afterwards and their company was oh so enjoyable. thanks guys! we're going to organize a meet-up out here in the near future so stay tuned. i expect that there's more than 4 of us within driving distance of hollywood and really... it'll be fun.