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Hello there! My name is James, I'm a 19 year old kid from Ontario Canada and I'm very new to Chuck Palahniuk's books but I do like what I've read. I've been a Stephen King fan for a few years now. My friends started reading Palahniuk's books, they seem to really enjoy them, so I'm giving it a shot as well. Aside from Owning Fight Club (movie) and watching it countless times, I've read about half the book Fight Club but didn't get to finish it because I borrowed it from my high school library and in the process of reading it I graduated and returned it. I havn't read any of it since but soon I'll get a copy and finish it. I'm just trying to finish some other books right now and I have a few other's on my list first. Other then That I'm reading Choke and hope to finish it today since I have the day off work. Recently I read Ender's Game and really enjoyed it so I'm also going to check out some more of Orson Scott Card's books too. Well..... That's basically it, that's my story, not all that interesting but thank you for reading.