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New member from Texas

I must say i love the suggestions in each forum topic for what to discuss. how did i get into chuck? well even though i did see fight club when i was younger i never paid attention to the authorship or even thought it started as a book lol. i got caught up by his writing in the book snuff, it was terrible and course and addictive. i almost couldnt stand the imagry and at the same time couldnt put it down, from there i went to haunted. it was the first book ever that nearly made me throw up, i literally had to walk away for a little bit before returning. that was impressive, since then ive chewed through everything he has written. his style of writing just appeals to me and makes it easy to dissapear into the book. the ending of fight club was so much more in the book, lullaby was incredible and rant may very well be my favorite. anything he writes i will read with utter joy....