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New Member Moments


There is only [url=][b]one person[/B][/url] who was never new, the rest of us have embarrassing moments of our first days on The Cult that are worth sharing.

Long ago, I was asshatted by the inimitable Ms. [url=]Fullmetalbrak[.... I forget both what I said, and what she said back. But, I'm sure I made a goofy-ass comment, and she was smart, snappy, and sassy as ever.

[url=]Fino35[/url] quickly responded to the situation, writing the words


in the biggest goddamned font size I ever saw. [I]Holy shit![/I] I thought. You can change font size? I never knew you could change font size. I also had no idea what the word "pwned" meant. So, I played the only card I had, which was to post a half-assed retort along the lines of "you guys are internet nerds, this inside joke is for geeks."

At which point, yet another member did a cool text link in their post -- another feature i had had never seen -- saying that in point of fact, "pwned" is a familair part of the growing internet [url=]lexicon[/url].

Logging off in disgust, I vowed to never return to a website where people were so vile, so cruel, so willing to gang up on new people.

About fifteen minutes later, I logged back in. That was a year ago.

These days, I get a few good licks in -- occasionally -- but Brak, Fino, and others still get more than their share of "ownership."

It's a good time, I wouldn't miss it. :D