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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the website. I just signed up today. I'm a huge Chuck Palahniuk fan (obviously).

I first found out who Chuck was after the film version of Fight Club came out. I was only 14 years old at the time and when I saw the movie, I must say I was honestly disappointed. That was because I went into thinking the movie was going to be about just "fighting" and that was all. At 14 years old, that's all I wanted from a movie. After some convincing from a friend I watched it again about a year later when I was 15. I did seem to enjoy it much more the second time watching it. As I grew older and developed more view points, I saw the movie several more times and fell in love with it because of the detail and the uniqueness of the movie. It was around the beginning of college where I decided to read Fight Club the book. I loved it. I actually just read the book again recently (just finished today). I have seen the movie several times and consider on my list of top 5.

I have been slowly reading Chucks other books. I read from other authors as well but I think Chuck is amazing. I have read Choke and Lullaby and enjoyed both. I am slowly going through all of his books and must say I have become a follower.

I am also a beginning writer. I've never taken any classes, though I wish I had because I do have a passion for it. I must say Chuck's writings, along with a few other authors, have greatly influenced me. I've written a few short stories and do it as a hobby. I would love to be published as I get better.

Well that's a little about me. I know I will have a great experience on this website. Thanks!