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New here, will post more soon!

Hello there,
I am what my name suggests.

I've been looking for a book forum for quite a while, but none of them sufficed. Then I read Invisible Monsters, looked up Palahniuk and clicked onto The Cult.

First off, I loved Invisible Monsters, and I am willing to read (most) of Palahniuk's other works. Though I wouldn't want to get too much of him. It's always a good thing to read other books in between, if you know what I mean. Then, reading Palahniuk's books will come off fresher.

Right now, I'm reading The World According To Garp by John Irving. I just started, actually. And it's going to the book I bring on a trip next week. I won't be able to post when I get there, so hopefully I'll remember to return to this forum afterwards. It surely looks like a fun community!


And if any of you have an account here, I'd love to have you as a contact!