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new batman film

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is anyone excited about this? I mean christian F-ing Bale is playing batman/bruce wayne and he is more then perfect(in my eyes) and he is also who i have dreamed of playing this role since i saw american phyco and equalibium. all they need to do now is cast the scarecrow correctly(james spader anyone?) and ra's agul is rumored to be john malkavich and i think that is a fine choice if it is true. gordon is a tough one but dennis quaid and kurt russel are both said to be in the running for the role and i feel either would do a fine job. i just wish they could find a way to start over and use the joker again but make him more insane. even though jack was great and batman is one of my favorite comic adaptation. i myself have been a long time reader of the batman series and feel very strong about this movie and have high hope.
i mean he is the best comic "super"hero there is. and nolan directing is one of the best choices i have seen warner bros. making when coming to comic movie adaptations. OH i cant wait!