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New Bachman/King book

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"Okay, okay. According to both Bev Vincent and Hans-Ake Lilja (and CH fan Ben Smith), King announced that a "new" Bachman book had been "discovered." As it turns out, this novel is Blaze an early novel King wrote in the 1970s, and offered to Doubleday at the same time as 'Salem's Lot. Doubleday chose 'Salem's Lot, and as the story goes, that was the better of the two choices.

However, the lore around Blaze has been swirling ever since fans first learned of King's early unpublished novels (The Aftermath and Sword in the Darkness among them.) As Blaze stood, it was deemed unworthy ... but that doesn't mean that King (with Bachman's help) hasn't tinkered with it. It's obviously not lost his thoughts in all this time, and now to hear news of it ... this is just amazing.

The plot is well-known amongst Stephen King experts, but a refresher: Blaze is the story of a giant, mentally challenged man (Claiborne Blaisdell, Jr.) who decides to kidnap a baby and hold it for a $1 million ransom. The novel flips back and forth between the current story of Blaze's kidnapping and flight from the law to stories of his abusive past. There's another character named George, Blaze's best friend; it is George who actually convinces Blaze to kidnap the baby. The only problem is, George may or may not be dead, and thus be a psychological manifestation ... or perhaps a ghost."

and here is the first 2 chapters of the book if you wanna read it...