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Need a Transcript: Please Help!

Hello everyone!

I am a high school English teacher, and I am writing the curriculum for a Science Fiction course that will be taught next year at our school. [I]Frankenstein[/I] is going to be a part of the class and I want to introduce the book with an interesting story that Chuck Palahniuk has told on tour. In the Postcards documentary, Chuck talks about how horror reflects the contemporary issues of a society and he talks about what the classics reflected.

I beleive in that same speech, he talked about how [I]Frankenstein[/I] and [I]Dracula[/I] came to be (people sitting around on a rainy weekend trying to scare each other). I could be totally wrong and this may be a part of [I]Haunted[/I] or a part of the Haunted tour. I am not entirely positive.

Either way, I am hoping that someone will be able to identify these two things for me and tell me exactly where I could find them-- or even better, to provide me with a transcript.

I would appreciate the help because I am really looking forward to using this work in this new school curriculum!