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Need info on any of the following?

Just thought Id post a bit of my expertise in things that may have a healthy amount of questions. The following is a short list, along with an explanation.

-Emergency services (especially in Massachusetts) This includes what happens when you dial 911, the process involved in getting an Ambulance (Im an EMT), fire/rescue and/or police
-Emergency medicine - what EMTs and Doctors in the ER are doing/looking for, including medical terminology, technology and various tests that go on.
-What happens in an MCI (multiple casualty incident, such as a terrorist attack, chemical leak, natural disasters, etc.)
-Anything emergency really...
-Nuclear history, especially when dealing with the 1945 bombings over Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Those are just some of my specialties. Medicine is really where its at, but I also dabble in translation and language, history, fire arms, military, anatomy/physiology, pathology, survivalism.

Just offering what I can.