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Need to be forgiven?

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In the Swiss newspaper "Tages-Anzeiger", I've read an interesting interview with Chuck about his film "Choke" shown at a film festival in Locarno (Switzerland).

He says: "Ja, die Fight Clubs, die Selbsthilfegruppen in «Choke» - all diese Gruppen funktionieren ähnlich wie früher die Gottesdienste. Da reden die Menschen darüber, was sie unter der Woche falsch gemacht haben. Man hört ihnen zu, es wird ihnen vergeben. Dann dürfen sie zurück in die Gemeinschaft. So wird die Last ihrer Grenzüberschreitungen nie zu schwer für sie. Jede Woche bekommen sie ihre kleine Erlösung. Wir brauchen solche Räume ausserhalb der regulären Welt, wo wir unsere Vergehen «ordnen» und abtragen können."

In English (my translation): "Yes, the fight clubs, the support groups in 'Choke' - all these groups work similar than formerly the church services. People talk about what they have done wrong during the week. They are listing to them and forgiving them. Then they are allowed to return to the community. Like this, the burden of their crossing the line never gets to heavy for them. Each week they get their little redemption. We need such rooms outside of the regular world, where we can 'arrange' and repay our offenses."

I wonder about your opion about this. I think that Chuck is right with what he says about support groups. But: Do we need to be forgiven for our sexual desires? Isn't this just human nature (for believers: a gift from god)? And what makes people feel guilty?