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Neddy Nelson's Claims of Evidence of Time Travel....

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It's been an long time since I've been here but I figured people would have discussed this already...

Neddy Nelson's Claims of time travel evidence all seem to be coming from the same book...


In some cases all mentioned on one website.

-Sir David Brewster's metal nail (apparently it was gold)
-Mrs. S. W. Culp gold necklace


-Hans Reck's Skeleton


I didn't think they were 'real' the stories not the facts.

If they were ever to make a film out of Rant they should probably use that book as a prop.
I wonder if Chuck has it... I know I was 'given' (dollar donation) a book from some Hare Krishna at a street fair with some shit like this... probably from the same publisher, too. Bhaktivedanta Book Publishing.