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My theory about Chuck's books.

First off I want to tell you that I have read four of Chuck's books: Haunted, Choke, Rant and Survivor. I thought they were all awesome and I have a theory about them. First, after I read Haunted, I started to be immune to any sort of nasty shit. I watched things like a guy sticking a horse dildo up his ass. (It was huge!) I saw the the two girls one cup video. ([url][/url]) I saw a lot of nasty shit and I didn't seem grossed out about it as much as before. I thought it was weird but never really stopped to think about it too much. Then I read Choke. That was when I started to masturbate every single day instead of the usual 3 times a week. I didn't think about it too much either. But after reading Rant, I started to drive like a maniac and shout at people and everything. One time I almost ran over some guy and shouted: "You asshole! I almost ran over you! Think about it you could have died dumbass!" That's when I started to notice the pattern. I just finished reading Survivor so I don't know about any effects yet. Now, as you guys know, Haunted is all about nasty-ass stories, Choke is about a sex addict and Rant includes a game called Party Crashing were you crash other drivers on purpose. They all seem to relate to my little problems. At first I thought it all had to do with psychology and all that crap but then I watched Fight Club one more time. I saw how Tyler wanted to take over the world. He wanted to change people and how they acted. That was when I thought of my little theory. I mean, Chuck is a smart guy. He knows how to handle people's minds. I think that all his books have a reason. They were all written so that when someone reads it, it actually changes their life in a way. Mostly in a bad way. Chuck wants to change the world with his books. Look at what he did with Guts, the short story from Haunted. more than 60 people have fainted while listening to it. I mean think about it. It's not a bad idea. It would be a very clever plan and something Chuck would totally do. So that's basically my theory. I don't know what you guys think about it so I'd like some feedback. Thanks.