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My Tell- All Review

Tell- All marks Chuck Palahniuk's return to form. Although Tell- All is his shortest book yet, it did not feel rushed. I was very happy with this novel and would recomend it to all Chuck Palahniuk fans and even anyone new to the Chuck universe. This novel is written in the style of a script/ gossip magazine. Many reviewers have said that the Bold faced name dropping was hard to read and was annoying but, i felt that once you got into the book it was bairly notticeable or distracting. I will also say that since I am younger (22) I was unsure as to who many of these people were that were being name dropped. This did not really distract from the story at all. Now the ending: I must say that I was totally taken by surprise with the ending. I thought it was very well thought out and quite clever. I didn't see it coming at all. Maybe I just didnt figure it out like so of the other reviewers said that they did. Although I can hardly believe that many people feel it is a predictable ending. All in all I really enjoyed this newest novel from Chuck and will remain a loyal fan. Chuck has not lost his touch yet. I can't wait for the 2011 novel Damned! Is there anyone else who enjoyed this book?? All I'm hearing are negative reviews. I really enjoyed this book so I dont know what people are talking about when they say it sucked. It was very different from Chuck's other novels but in good way. I agree with Brandon's review that this is a more mature novel then what Chuck usually writes. basically just for the fact that this is not a gross out novel. It is beautifully written and very enjoyable