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"My Space"=Evil and Gross Subjectivecation

GasPoweredBrontos's picture GasPoweredBrontos
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For all the people that are a part of this "my space" propaganda plot to over through and brain wash the youth. There are cluster fuck of chid molesters on "My Space" so anyone who is affialeted with "My Space""You voted for Hubert Humphrey and you killed Jesus!" So, you raggy botom bandits can go a wash right up with the moon and the rag weeds. Because me an Tenersissippi need to go down to the convient store and pick up a nice batch of "white lightin" or should I say moon shine. Peace to all of you bitches not smokin the mother load of earth and green peace himself. Cough and cotton mouth will begin the beggining of a great time in your life and principal.

Signed me...