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My short horror movie "Throwaway" is now online

ThrowawayHowdy, folks.  Let me start by saying that, there was a thread that was started many months ago about some DVD that Chuck was handing out as gifts during one of his UK readings for "Snuff."  Well, that DVD was for my short horror movie "Throwaway."  Chuck was nice enough to help us promote the thing.  At the time, the thread I'm referring to was discussing this little mystery.  And once it was discovered that it was my movie, I think Mirka tried to petition everyone to have me get the film online.  Well, I definitely wanted to back then, but we were still in the process of submitting it to film festivals.  So I was going to post this as a reply to that same thread, but dammit if I couldn't locate it.

Therefore, I am shamelessly starting a brand new thread instead.

The movie is called "Throwaway."  It's short.  Like 21 mins.  Kirk converted it conveniently to Flash, so it's easy to view and loads quick.  It's sort of a brutal movie.  Very NSFW.  But I'd love your feedback after.  We have a comments section set up on the page.  

Watch Throwaway  here!