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My 'To Read' List

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Okay, so this is book club and I have recently become oversaturated with books to read.  I think I’ll share them, here, for you to criticize/praise/laugh at/discuss.


Junky by William S. Burroughs

My partner bought this for me for our anniversary, I read Naked Lunch a while back and it pretty much opened up my cranium and fucked my brain so I left Burroughs alone for a while.  I went back and read Queer recently which was much more enjoyable (not really the right word as it was harrowing in places, but it was more bearable) and now I want to read this one.  I doubt I’ll bother with any of his other books except maybe ‘Last Words’ because I read he went all a bit scientology for a while and then gave it up, before he wrote Last Words… which he wrote very close to the end of his life, which appeals to me in a bleak manner.


If One A Winters Night A Traveller by Italo Calvino

Again, bought for and recommended to me by my partner.  I read the first chapter online and it made me laugh so I’m good to go with that one.


Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? by Raymond Carver

Another one recommended to me by a friend which after reading about on Wikipedia I bought straight away, looks amazing.


The Wasp Factory by Ian Banks

Again, recommended by a friend and then bought.  I bought it second hand for 2 quid and when I got home I opened it up and it was signed!  Result!  The same thing happened when I bought Glamorama by BEE a few years back, I’m a lucky guy.


The Invention Of Solitude by Paul Auster

I have read The Book Of Illusions and I am now going to try and read all of his books in chronological order, starting with this one (of course) which sounds amazing.  His whole ethos appeals to me more than any other writer.


My Friend Leonard by James Frey

Bought for myself, ready for when I finish A Million Little Pieces which I am reading at the moment and enjoying a lot more than I thought I would.


So there, that’s me fixed for the next few months… I might even come back to this thread and post little reviews of them if anyone is interested.