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My Girlfriend Got Fat


Yep, she’s past chunky, she’s fat.

Now, I don’t mind a little extra cushion if ya know what I mean, but it’s more then that.
She’s not obese or anything, she has just gained a noticeable amount of weight in the last two years.

Her clothes don’t fit. Not just tight. She has bought all new cloths TWICE. She complains about it everyday and not to get too personal but she isn’t as sexual lately.

She used to go to yoga everyday and doesn’t anymore. That I am sure is a big reason.

We haven’t talked about it seriously, her weight gain. We joke about it a lot.

It’s starting to bum me out because sometimes I look over at her and see her fat coming over the sides of her jeans and I cringe. I don’t wanna cringe when I look at my chick.
I’m sure she’ll get to a point where she is fed up and goes back to yoga or does something; I just want it to come soon.

So, has anyone else had a similar thing happen? What did you do?

It’s not like she had a kid or quit smoking or anything else that tends to bring weight gain, she just stopped doing the things that kept her thin.