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My GF caught me fapping, and liked it!


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I live in the small town out in south florida, and i've had a girlfriend for about 7 months now. She is a really cool person (and very hot if i do say so myself) so anyway, one day I drove over to her house to pick her up for a movie. I usually go through the back door sinc ethe front is locked, but today it was open. Since her parents and dog know me, i just opened it and went in.

I walked up the stairs to her bedroom and thought i smelled something strange, i couldn't place it until i heard moans. Her door was partially open so i got a good look of her masterbating with her eyes closed while laying on top of her bed, she was kneading her breast with her other hand and everything.

Naturally, i got extremely hard, now, i didn't want to interupt and startle her, so i figured i'd 'Take care of my needs' in her bathroom and then go downstairs and call out her name a few times.

So i go in the bathroom and am nearly done when the door opens, she is holding out one hand while still cupping her breast in the other. evidently she came in to wash up before i 'got here'.

We sorta looked at each other for a bit and then she walked up to me, and without asking for an explanation kissed me. Then something amazing happened! And now i can talk to animals! It's really cool!! but a complete secret... and you know what? Life's never been the same!