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My first short story: False Alarm

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Okay, so I have this friend, Craig. He’s really shy. He is just one long, awkward pause. He’s never had a girlfriend. He’s never even kissed a girl. He just crumbles under pressure. But when he’s with good friends like us, he goes batshit insane. In a good way. He starts yelling, telling crazy stories, and acting like a drunk. It’s more fun than it sounds. It’s the main reason we hang out with him.
Well, one week over summer, his parents and his little brother went down to California to visit his sick grandpa, meaning Craig had the house all to himself.

“Dude, you need to have a huge party! You’re home alone for a whole week!”
“Yeah, I guess. Whatever.”
“You need to get some girls over, or something!”
“I don’t know… I don’t want to get in trouble.”
“C’mon, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you don’t have any girls over, could I at least bring some over?”

Well, the week was almost over, so I called him up.
“How come you didn’t invite me to your party?”
“What party?”
“C’mon, don’t tell me you didn’t have a party. Did you at least have some girls over?”
“Dude, you’re such a disappointment. Me and Sunny are coming over. You’ve gotta break some rules.”

So, me and another friend, Sunny, we go down to Craig’s house to spend the night. Of course we told our parents that his parents were there. Of course we told them they were okay with it. Our parents are all strict as hell, so we were tip-toeing on pretty thin ice.
While we were there, Craig managed to lock himself out of his house on accident. And it just so happened that that was right when Sunny’s mom decided to call. To check up on him.

“So what time do Craig’s parents want you to go home?”
“Umm. Eleven, I think.”
“Could you ask?”
“Well, Craig’s locked himself outside, so I can’t ask right now.”
“Why don’t you just ask his parents?”

Sunny’s mom said she was gonna call Craig’s dad to make sure everything was alright. After that, we were pretty quiet. We knew we were screwed. Ten minutes of silence was interrupted when the phone rang. It was Craig’s dad. Oh shit, we’re dead. Craig picked up the phone, while me and Sunny just sat there, not saying or doing anything. On the phone, Craig was all sad. His dad would say something, then Craig would just keep saying, “yeah…” He looked depressed. The longer the conversation went on, the sadder and more guilty he looked. Yep, we were screwed. We fucked up. Sorry mom. Sorry Dad.
Then Craig hung up.
All of a sudden his face brightened up.
“False alarm, guys! Everything’s okay; my grandpa just died!”