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My first post....and already I need advice...

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Hello all,

I am new to the site, but not new to Chuck's books.  I have been a fan for a few years and have read them all (I think) anyway, I love the site and have spent some time skimming through the contents and forum posts.  However I wonder if the more experienced members can offer me some advice.  I recently joined a book club with some women who are mostly friends of a friend.  The first book we were "forced" to read was a depressing chick lit novel, I'll be kind enough not to name.  Well I read the book, went to the meeting and was the only one there who found said book to be, well, lame.  Low and behold, as per the rules of the club, my name was drawn out of a hat and I was allowed to choose the next book.  I originally planned on something by John Irving, but was met with disgruntled groans of disaproval...I decided these ladies needed something completely original, thus I chose "Invisible Monsters" (a favorite of mine) Not one woman recognized the title or author, and I was feeling mischevious and promised them a great read.  I really wanted to take them out of their comfort zones, and honestly thought even if they didn't approve of the subject matter they could at least appreciate Chucks talent as a writer.  The problem I have is this, the meeting is this weekend, and the early book club rumors are not pretty.  No one it seems, enjoyed the book.  The general consensus is that there was no meaning behind the story!  Now I feel like I have to defend my choice (which technically I do not, because that's part club, to experience new writers) but these ladies are vultures, and I know I'll be cornered (which is why book clubs are fun) But how do I possibly respond to the opinion that the book lacks plot and substance?  How would you guys as fans?  Thanks guys, I appreciate any advice!