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My Fight Club Poem

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[U]An Ode To The Burden of Tyler Durden[/U]

My name is Tyler Durden and I bear a burden,
I bear a burden more than any burden man should bear,
A bear man burdened my button by baring a leg of mutton,
So to the bear, I bared my bare behind, and to the bear man said beware,
I am Jack's cracked rib and I do crack a fib, my name is Durden and Durden is the name I bear,
And to be be bared before my barings, or indeed before my bear rings,
To be bared before this comes to pass would not be very fair.
But bees sting and indeed he rings, he rings bearing news so there,
And if baring news the bear rings you use it wisely or despair,
Because to bear the burden of a bear upon your back, to bear a bear on bare flesh is hell because of his bear hair.
We did not mention his poor hygeine, to be so cruel would be quite frightning,
We did not mention his poor hygeine to the bare wee bear,
Instead we brought great treats,and brought him to paper street, where we bare-knuckled boxed and bared the weight and presence of one of our collective favourite authors there, the knight Will Christo Baer.