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my appreciation for a film about dad-rape entitled FATHER'S DAY and its makers, ASTRON-6

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The trailer for Father's Day

So this film started out as a fake trailer created by a group of 5 filmmakers who call themselves ASTRON-6. They've produced many short films and fake trailers usually somehow related to films from the 1980s. The Father's Day trailer was seen by the fine folks at TROMA Studios, most famous for The Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke 'Em High, who then gave them $10,000 to make an actual feature film.

I've been waiting a whole year for it to come out and finally got to see it during its limited run here in Houston and fuck is it awesome. It's the best Troma film since the Toxic Avenger. Lloyd Kaufman was even there to introduce it! It's hilariously absurd and the low budget only adds to its charm! Dads get violently raped and murdered by a gross fat guy! The "stars" do their own stunts! Just when you thought it was absurd enough, it's gets even more absurd!

I have been obsessed with Astron-6 lately. This short about Batman finding the Joker who had just overdosed on pills is how they first came onto my radar.

This gem here is about two nerds who go to the beach for the summer to be "cool" and get laid and end up murdering a hooker with their uncle and long story short, they must win $10,000 at the talent contest to save the soda shop! The complete short can be seen on their website.

This might be the one of the most brilliant trailers ever made. It's about the battle against the evil spirit of Einstein and his army of laser wielding ghosts. GHOSTS WITH LASERS!

So if FATHER'S DAY is playing in your town, fucking see it!