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Music/Media Player

What music/media player do you use?

I used to use Winamp, but it didn't like all the .wma files I ripped. It said it supported them but on shuffle appeared to ignore them. If this happened now, I probably wouldn't notice with .mp3's out numbering .wma probably 3 to 1 now.

I currently use Windows Media Player 10.0 for everything, unless a video doesn't play, then I try divx player or VLC media player. Among the three I can play just about everything.

I tried WMP 11 but A. it was a resource hog, B. there was no easy Play All music button, and C. it wasn't easy to edit ID3 or really edit anything for that matter. So I downgraded back to WMP 10.

Another thing I've been wanting to do for a long time is normalize my collection. Today I was reading an article that talked about Replay Gain that normalizes your collection. (I believe Winamp does this as well.

So currently I'm giving foobar2000 a try, but I'm going to miss album covers showing whenever a song is playing. Not having to play with the volume while on shuffle all the damn time might make up for it.

What features keep you using what your using?