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Music for overdosing on marijuana needles

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"Why do you smoke this shit, so to escape from reality? Me, I don't need this shit. I am reality." - Sgt. Barnes

While you drug addicts are sharing marijuana needles today on 420, here are some tunes to bang your head to slowly

Motherfuckin' KYUSS!

Fatso Jetson, this album has fuckin Dr. Zaius on it!

T-Minus whenever it feels right.

Everyone needs Sleep

Get ready to destroy your speakers, dickhead. Just buy some new ones later.

Ufomammut, Italy's answer to Electric Wizard, at least this album was.

Bongzilla's hit album, Amerijuanican. A bit of a stretch. A good stretch. Ahh.

Ancestors with that fucking RIFF!!

The one that started it all. Man, Ozzy should have died right after No More tears.

Possessed, a band that should have been big, but death got in the way.

Colour Haze, feelin it.

Get lost in Mammatus. Also dig the Arik Roper cover art.

Just go out and get all 3 volumes of Causa Sui's Summer Sessions already.