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Mtv Audience Responds: Favorite/Hated Films

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This is my Pulitzer prize winning thread. After infiltrating the MTV message boards I asked the following questions:

1. What is your favorite movie?

2. What movie do you hate?

3. What was the last good movie you saw?

4. What was the last horrible movie you saw?

5. What is the most boring movie you have ever seen?"

And recieved some of the following funny and unsurprising answers

"2. waterboy- but i love adam sandler
3. bruce almighty
4. PI- the mathematical symbol"

"1. A Walk to Remember
2. The Good Girl, soo stupid, it had no point!!"

"1. Any Jim Carrey or Chris Farley movie
2. View From the Top-that was sooooo gay! Probably right but their explanation is annoying and inept
4. Identity-that had a stupid ending. "

"love - jay and silent bob strike back or pearl harbor.
boring - apollo 13 or somthin. takes way to long!"

"1. Crazy/Beautiful "

"5. What is the most boring movie you have ever seen? - Citizen Kane (and it's suppose to be the greatest movie EVER)"

"Fave=Bring it on
Least fave=AI
Last good movie seen=The hot chick
Boring movie=AI"

"What movie do you hate?: gone with the wind

What was the last good movie you saw?: the Ring. but only because my mom pretty much pissed herself.

What was the last horrible movie you saw?: i realised how awful Problem Child really is. but its awesome.

What is the most boring movie you have ever seen?: Shakespeare in love. ...need i say anything about it? no. it was lame."

"Fave Movie-Pearl Harbor
Movie I hate-Blow
Last Good Movie I saw-Bruce Almighty "