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Movie Review: Daredevil

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[b]Starring[/b]: [i] Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jon Favreau, Scott Terra[/i]
[b]Directed By[/b]: [i]Mark Steven Johnson[/i]
[b]Summary[/b]: [i] Ben Affleck plays Matt Murdock, who as a boy was left blind after being hit by a radioactive isotope. Although his eyes no longer function, Murdock's other senses become superhuman, especially a secret, radar-like ability he develops. Years later in New York, Murdock works as an attorney by day and a crime-fighting vigilante by night, using his special skills to become the city's trusty superhero, Daredevil, battling his archnemesis, the mob boss Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan), and the dangerous Bullseye (Colin Farrell). Murdock then falls for a mysterious woman (Jennifer Garner), but little does he know; by night she is Elektra, a scythe-wielding woman out to kill Daredevil.[/i]

[b]Gambit’s Review[/b]: [i] You know what? Fuck critics. They are pasty, fat, old, white men that love movies that are all about extremely boring love stories, or movies that not a single person has heard of or seen. They constantly give good films, bad reviews simply because they are not award winning material. Daredevil is not an award winner, Daredevil is far from an award winner, but the movie freaking rocks. The fight scenes are not over done, they are a perfect length, though some will disagree, and very well planned. Ben Affleck gets a perfect score from me, no one could have played Daredevil better. In fact, the entire cast was beyond perfection. Garner, Farrell, and Duncan were superb. Farrell was the best villain I have seen in years. He owns anyone and everyone!
(Not fighting wise) I am hoping for a sequel, but that will probably depend on the money brought it from this film, so go see it.

By the way, stay through the credits. ;)[/i]