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This is the most unconstructive place on the net


I've been popping in here for years now, and judging by the impressive group of people here, I have to say I'm disappointed by the community aspect.

It seems this place is only good for clever remarks and two second chuckles. I would expect more from possibly like minded peeps. Does anyone ever meet in real life?

Do you need a leader of some kind?

I mean, in public life we dont even know our neighbors. In grocery stores we say nothing to the others with carts. But on the internet there is finally an outlet for our community yearnings. In america we have the most depressed lonely people and I think it stems from competing with each other and treating each others personalities like products. I'm just wondering if that will change on the internet.

Perhaps I'm being too idealistic. I'm sure I'll be bashed from every angle by the regulars here. Does anyone feel the same way about chat rooms and forums like this one?

Am I asking too much when I speak of a revolution??