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Mortgage foreclosure,

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Hello. I'm new here and, well... trying to suck up to all of you so that you'll think reading my posts is a worthwhile endeavor.

To that end I wanted to post some things I know stuff about.

[B]Mortgage foreclosure[/B]. It's my trade. I can tell you everything [I]not[/I] to do with your house (financially speaking). If it's something I don't know, then I know who to ask. With all the foreclosures going on all over the country, I figure someone out there may find knowledge of the process useful. Maybe. Pretty much, any aspect of home ownership, I can help you out on, but my specialty is the dark side.

[B]Fencing[/B]. Did it in high school and still can recall a thing or two about it. Enough that if you wanted a character who's a fencer, I could help you fill in some blanks.

[B]Gaming[/B]. I'm a huge nerd and regularly attend two big nerd conventions (Origins and Gencon Indy). If you have a character in a story that's into D&D and are looking to give him a few choice lines about the game system, I'd be happy to help.

[B]Migraine headaches[/B]. Been having them every ten to thirty days since I was a teen ager. I'm 30 now. I've read up a lot on what happens inside my head when I'm having them and how to combat them.

I hope those help.