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Monkeywrenching (a field guide)

[B]Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching[/B]

Hey, people have gone to prison for this shit, so this is presented for research purposes only. I know there's a handful of brain-dead 13-year-olds lurking around this site who'd gladly torch every SUV in their suburban neighborhood if Fight Club told them too, which I obviously don't want to encourage. This book, available for free online, is a pretty detailed guide to wrecking shit in the defense of earth, or for kicks, or whatever. Printed copies of this are available from AK Press and other radical leftist book vendors, so it's not like I'm distributing some super-elite terror manual. This book has been out for awhile, and predates the Internet as we know it, so again, people have already read this, it has already fallen into the wrong hands, and people are probably in jail because of this book.

Anyway, this is an awesome and fascinating read whether you agree with the ideas or not.