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Nothing sells better than controversy, right?
And if people are going to go all out promoting Rant, we may as well really go all out, right?

So this is what I want this thread to be for. Some of us, especially the livelier some of us who have no prior convictions, are in a prime position to cause a bit of mischief promoting Rant. Now I’m not suggesting breaking the law, but how about we use this thread to discus some better ways of promoting the book. I’ve got some ideas, and I’m going to carry them out, but surely you all have some of your own too. If you do, post them here, in a project-mayhem / cacophony society style.

My first idea, I’m going to call it Letter Writing.

[B]Letter Writing:[/B]
Write a letter. It’s a chance to practice some writing skills on a more subtle level. Write a letter about yourself, or just write a load of lies, and include some references to Rant. Something like it’s a book you’re looking forward to, or you’ve just read an Advanced Reading Copy, or some silly coincidence that will stick in the readers mind. Write this letter and print it off and sign a false name at the bottom. Then, walk out on the street, look at someone. Just one person, and walk straight towards them. Politely, but firmly, say, “I wrote you a letter.” and then walk away. You will have made a couple of copies of these letters, and you’ll do this to a few people. When your batch is finished, go and write another letter, and do the same thing in a different area. People will love getting a letter with a bit of a personal story about someone in it, and by mentioning Rant, you’re subtly promoting the book too. Also, if some of the older folks feel a little uncomfortable doing this. Then alter it to your own needs. Post the letter through a door, or drop it into someone's shopping bag.

That’s one idea anyway, what else do you people advise?
My idea probably isn't the best, but you should do it and implement it in your own way. Just burn the book's name into people's subconcious. Like old-school racist propoganda.