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Did you know that most adult humans are lactose intolerant? This is because when you stop breastfeeding, your body stops producing as much of the enzyme lactase (essential for proper digestion of lactose). In simple terms, milk is for babies.
Adults that consume milk are likely to experience subtle or not so subtle symptoms...
such as:
- increase the risk of bone fractures
- increase in gas
- increase in the production of mucus
- increase in the risk of prostate cancer
- higher cholesteral levels
the list goes on...

There is no nutrient in milk that you cannot find in other foods.

Now the political bit.
You may be thinking: 'But milk must be good, the government tells me to drink it!' (I am British but I know this also applies elsewhere).
My government is not run by nutritionists... I know that much. It is run by Capitalists who make a lot of money outta the HUGE amount of dairy farms there are in the country.
Makes sense?

But hey, if you like milk, go on drinking it.
I don't drink it but I do like a bit o cheese every now and then, I do stop eating this when I have a cough though, as it really does prolong it, thanks to the added phlegm and all...

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