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Meeting people from the net


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TwoPennyKenny I hope you read this:

the point of this thread is to see if anyone here would ever go out of their way to meet someone (in real life) that you met on the internet.
I'm also going to share my experiences in the matter:

When I was in 7th grade (so..almost 5 yrs. ago) I had like zero friends. I was going to a shithole middle school and I was in a class of 15. If you don't get along with the "incrowd" and there's only 15 kids to choose from you don't really have anywhere to go. So I got all introverted and started randomly meeting people in Yahoo! Chatrooms. One such person was a girl named Whitney who lives 4 states away from me (as in you have to travel through my state, two others, and then her state to get from me to her).
Anyway, we really hit it off and over the past several years we kept in contact through phone, e-mail, and "snail mail." I now go to a big high school and have lots of friends...but uniquely, Whitney is possibly one of my closest friends. I've known her longer than any other friend I have, yet she has ALWAYS lived 4 states away.
Earlier this year she had a bunch of time off from school and so she was visiting schools near here...near enough that she came to visit. We'd known each other for (4-5 yrs...however long that is) a while and only met for the first (and as of yet only) time then.
Because of the long trip she had made she wound up staying at my house for the night and we talked and turns out that you CAN know someone online and it CAN BE the same as knowing them for "real." Nuances and figures of speech and everything that showed through chatrooms were all apparent in real life and it was a great time.

Anyway, the question was/is this:
Would you ever go out of your way to meet someone that you met online.
And if you have, tell us about it!