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medal of honor (2010

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EA is doing what EA always does. Jumping in too late, with an unpolished product into a saturated market. Way to go biggest game company on earth. Logic does not apply to you, I take it?

I played through the single player campaign last night (note: four hours max) there is some replay for the level specified achievements one might have missed while doing this. They aren't clearly defined, nor are the chapters clearly named unless you're in chapter select mode. Look through the achievement list, and wing it the first time. Even if you rush through, as I did, you should come out with around three hundred gamer-score you didn't have before. This is around twenty achievements.

As with everything, a good chunk of gamer points are tied up in the multi-player, which in this game does a piss poor Call of Duty impersonation. All the way down to unlocking weapon gadgets. There aren't very many, though.

It looks like most of the achievements for the online stuff can be earned without much heartache, which is great, because this game answers the question: what would Call of Duty look like if it had a terrible frame rate, dull colors, and set spawns? Which is a shame because the game, provided it had slightly bigger maps, and a generals style spawn system, could have been a strategy gamer's new wet dream.

Final summation? This game is nowhere near worth sixty bucks.