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Matrix Revolutions..SPOILERS


I came into this movie thinking it was going to be mega-mediocre, but in that respect it did exceed my expectations...the directors seemed to focus on less bullshit this time around, by that I mean no 20 minute segments in Zion with nothing happening or chats seeming to last forever concerning "what is reality." No, this movie has action and it does a damn good job at it.

I understand why some may not feel the same considering that I am a fan of this series solely due to its innovations in effects and high-budget action, so the abscence of deep philosophy/plot was welcome in my case.

The one thing that bothered me was the fiery cross that appeared on his chest at the end when all the Agents were destroyed. Are we really that stupid that we couldn't figure out the allusion from the crucifix pose alone, not to mention the jacks that were made to look like nails? I don't know, but it kind of bothers me to have everything spelled out for us.