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In the UK we have a very long-running quiz show called Mastermind. Each episode, 4 or 5 contestants have two individual goes at answering as many questions as they can, in an iconic black swivel chair.

Because of the show's dim lighting and quiet audience, the atmosphere is very tense. No wonder the idea of the show was coined by a guy interrogated by the Gestapo.

The rules
The first round is on the contestant's subject of choice. They have 2 minutes to do this. The next round is 2.5 minutes of general knowledge questions. Whoever gets the most points wins. Simples!

If you had to go on Mastermind, what would be your specialist subject?

According to Wikipedia, the following subjects have been rejected in the past:

  • Routes to anywhere in mainland Britain by road from Letchworth.
  • Cremation practice and law in Britain.
  • The banana industry.
  • Orthopaedic bone cement in total hip replacement.
  • Perfect squares from 992= 9801.

Ready, steady, go.