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Manhunt 2

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The game was scheduled for release for the Wii, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable in July 2007,[1] but has been temporarily suspended by Take-Two following government bans and an AO rating in the United States

"Manhunt 2 isn't a sequel in the true sense of the word," explains PJ Sim, our Rockstar representative and Manhunt tour guide for the day. "The story is completely unrelated to the original game, it's set in a different time and place and it has brand new characters." Therefore James Earl Cash, the cold-blooded killer from the first game, doesn't make his return, instead replaced by a bespectacled scientist named Doctor Daniel Lamb. Not the obvious choice for lead character in a game packed with blood and gore, but that's what makes Manhunt 2 so interesting - it's daring to do something a bit different.

Daniel Lamb, or Danny as he's known in the game, was one of a number of scientists working at the Pickman Project, a lab that specialised in top secret weapons experiments. However, due to its controversial work methods, the powers that be decided it should be closed down, incensing the man who led the experiments, Doctor Pickman.

Convinced his work should continue, Pickman needed a guinea pig to help him make his vision become a reality. "Danny's ambitious enough to accept this challenge and volunteers himself for the treatment, knowing that personal fame and glory could be waiting around the corner," explains Sim. "Unfortunately for Danny disaster strikes when there's a defect in the treatment, causing unforeseen side effects. Danny is apprehended and sent away to the Dixmore hospital for the criminally insane, where the key is effectively thrown away."

Not really surprised that they are/trying to stick the game with a AO rating, The gore level doesnt sound much diffrent from the first game though. :censored:

Oh well, I dont buy games from Big box stores anyway, im sure its going to turn out to be just as good. The first game was the tits!