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Make it stop

There's a push now to put late-President and current Hell resident Ronald Reagan's ugly face on the $10 bill and/or on the dime, which would replace Alexander Hamilton and Franklin Roosevelt, respectively.

No, seriously. This has actually been happening slowly for some time in the diseased workings of Republican morlocks, but now that he's dead they're going to strike while even RR's opponents are willing to temporarily forget what a despicable President and human being he was out of respect for the dead.

All they need to put him on the $10 is a majority in both houses of Congress - which both have a Republican majority. For the dime they'd only need to persuade the Treasury.

They already named the airport in Washington D.C. after him which ensures that if I ever want to travel there I will have to do so by car; I don't much fancy having to somehow make purchases and take change without using dimes and tens.
This is absolute fucking madness. I don't care if you liked him, he was a BAD FUCKING PRESIDENT and all the somber eulogies and revisionist history in the world aren't going to change that.

Anyone in Europe got a spare bedroom?