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This is a song I wrote about boozing and neglecting your mate. I don't write music, just lyrics.
This particular song is probably the favorite of all that I have written. My influences are John Prine,
Bob Dylan, Widespread Panic, and JJ Cale just to name a few. I have no idea how to compose music for something
like this, so if there are any composers out there feel free to give it a shot.

I submitted to the workshop, but it is taking a while to post up there, and I'm antsy since this is the first time anyone has read these lyrics. Dig in.

Searching for a Cure

There’s some gum on my shoes
And some trash on the street
There’s a neon light on
At the place just down the street

It feels like night inside
Outside the sky is blue
And I’m not really sure
What is real or what is true

I settle on my stool
The keep just nods at me
I knock back some whiskey
And my spirits are set free

Chorus 1
I wonder if she’s noticed
I wonder if she cares
My conscience lost it’s voice
Now my morals are running scared

I can’t be really certain
I can’t be really sure
My heart is deathly ill
And I’m out looking for the cure

I stumble out the door
The midnight sky is clear
The ground won’t stop moving
And I reek of smoke and beer

I need a good excuse
For staying out so late
Try not to slur my words
Try to keep the story straight

The kitchen light is on
No one’s at the table…
The note that she left there
Said her heart isn’t able…

Chorus 2

To wonder if I notice
To wonder if I care
To worry every night
And pray for my soul to be sparred

It says she’s really certain
It said she’s really sure
Her love for me has died
And it’s too late to find a cure