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"Lullaby: A Culling Song" for solo soprano and electronic accomapaniment

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Hi there, Just joined up with this site because I have been a long time Chuck fan and also like the idea of sharing my craft with peers. I happen to be a composer of classical and electronic music and wrote a piece about a year ago for both genres.

How does this relate here? The subject matter was inspired after I read Lullaby, mostly with regard to the idea of real african culling songs.I did some musical research and ended up writing this piece for a solo soprano singer and electronics.

I would love to see what fellow Palahniuk fans think but I must warn you, this is a classical piece of music and extremely modern. It's not what we call 'tonal' necessarily and it uses electronics in a more experimental sense ala Aphex Twin or Trent Reznor. If you've never listened to a piece of modern classical music you might not like what you find right off the bat. But if you're a fan of "something different" (at least I hope you think it's different : ) ) or are just bored feel free to check out this video of the piece's premiere a year ago and let me know what it did to you.


Thanks for listening,