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Luddy says "hello cult" 2.0--Full Frontal

Don't look if you don't want to see.

Giving you time to change your mind.

Assuming you are still here because you want to be...

Been giving this a lot of thought and in the interest of full disclosure (not like that) because I am am forever sounding off in my pseudo-professorial pretentious fashion and alluding to "the books" that I should go full frontal (not like that, again, I am fond of you people) and just this one time drop the mask.

For those who want to know:

Karen Novak

[I]Five Mile House[/I] (Bloomsbury 2000)
[I]Ordinary Monsters[/I] (also known to the publisher as "the misstep") (2002)
[I]Innocence[/I] (2003)
[I]The Wilderness[/I] (2004)

So I've shown you mine. Now I have to go hide in the closet for awhile. I'm an exhibitionist, yes but a painfully shy exhibitionist. You should see how much xanax I have to down before a reading. See you after the closet. Assuming I ever crawl back out.