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The lowest humans


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So I just got back from "Wrong Turn." It was good. Better than I expected. Nothing memorable, but at least the movie had balls. It didn't wimp away from some gruesome concepts and deaths. So I applaud the director.


That's not what this thread is about. For you see... the movie could have been better. I could have enjoyed it more. But little did I know that the two people sitting one row behind me secretly thought everyone in the theater had paid the $9.25 to see THEM and not the movie.

They basically played "commentators" the entire movie. It was this big fat, rosey cheeked woman and either her son or her very young husband. My friend's girlfriend finally couldn't take it and at one point in the film said, rather loudly, "Ohh, shut up!" I then threw in a, "Enough with the friggin commentary, already!" Or something to that effect.

And either she didn't hear us, didn't care, or STILL thought she was funny. Because every scene she would announce what was about to happen, seconds before it happened:




And it was obvious that everyone around us couldn't stand these two, yet our society hasn't quite gotten to the point where everyone would just surround and pummel them. But seriously, think about it. How often do you go to see a movie and you DON'T have to deal with idiots talking in the theater? It's become a normal now to have cell phones going off, people rocking seats, people kicking the back of your seat... and of course, loud, rude, clueless ASSHOLES who love to hear the sound of their fucking voices on YOUR fucking' dime.

Sorry, but this shit REALLY gets me pissed off. I detest these pricks.

So the reason for this thread is that I wanna hear from all of you. Tell me your worst theater experience with loud talkers. I have a few horror stories myself, worse than the above one.... but I get a kick hearing other peoples.

So let's hear em!