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Loved this, my next chuck book is...

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OK so I just finished Choke and loved it. The style was great and it was just insane. I loved how out there and incredible this book is. I have now read Haunted, Survivor, Rant, and Choke in that order (read em all during the summer, I spent much of late nights reading rather than stupidly wasting my time watching tv or surfing the web, it felt great doing something). And after reading the last 3 I have to say I now dont like haunted. Im glad i liked it when i read it or I may have never continued reading. Out of the last 3 I dont know which I like the most but I would maybe have to go with Rant, the twist is insane thats all. Im looking into getting another chuck book.

I was thinking Lullaby or Invisible monsters since they sound like the best left. WHat should i go with? Also I really like Dermaphoria by Craig Clevenger which I dont remember who suggested it but it was from one of these forums, maybe the survivor board Im not sure but thank you. So if theres any other books by other writers that somewhat resemble chucks style and/or messages in his books i would gladly consider any of those. So with that please get back to me. I appreciate it