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LOST Season 4 Official Thread


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Yes, this thread is starting 5 months early. So until february there is not an intensely large amount we can discuss that has not been discussed in the Season 3 thread.... Except for the video that was shown at Comic Con 2007... which, because I have not been paying attention to Lost all summer, I did not see until just recently... You can see it on ABCs website or here on youtube: watch?v=4bTvAUVPyLI  <--Remove the space after the "/"

It is an abandoned piece of tape from a taping of the Orientation video for Station 6: The Orchid. There is a lot of stuff contained in it... never mind a subliminal Jacob message, arguably the best and most intriguing part is that the narrator is holding a rabbit that is stenciled with "15" and as he is talking something falls behind him and when he turns around he says "What is that?!" and there is another rabbit stenciled 15 on a shelf behind him, and a woman yells, "It's 15!" and the narrator backs away, clutching his bunny, saying, "Oh God! Don't let them near each other!" This new clip, on top of the fact that during their Q & A at Comic Con the executive producers said that season 4 would bring new insights into the Dharma Initiative's animal testing stuff, and we would see more animals. The whole audio of the Q&A is available as a summer Lost podcast, again, available at the abc site or from [url][/url], but a few of the other interesting things they brought up:

*Michael is back! Harold Perrineau actually made a guest appearance at the Con, and they said he will come back in the early episodes of Season 4 and will be a regular cast member again (not just a flashback member). They also said they're pretty sure that the fans will be happy with the story that returns Michael to the island.

*Libby's storyline will be completed, and again, they're really confident that fans will like it. *From now on there will be flashbacks AND flashforwards, though they did not say how far into the future any of the flashforwards are going to be and they did not say if anyone besides Jack or Kate will have them. (They did say that they had been wanting to do flashforwards for a while, but didnt want to introduce the idea too soon, and as soon as they had an end date and a concrete number of episodes left they felt confident in using it at the end of Season 3)

*They said that, in Season 2, when Ben was caught in Rousseau's trap, he was indeed caught on accident - it was not a ploy to get into the Losties' camp. However, when asked about Ben's relationship with the actual man who he was pretending to be (Henry Gale) all they would said is, "They had words."

There was a lot more, and there have been two more podcasts, one released on 9/21, and another one that is not a Lost podcast but features Jorge Garcia and he talks a little bit about Season 4, which I have not listened to yet. So please, anyone with thoughts/opinions/reactions to this new tape and ideas about Season 4 and where it is going to go, please chime in.