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Looking for brief, original descriptions of Chuck's novels

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A few days ago someone in these forums posted a link to my book-oriented website. (I won't go on too much about the website here -- I'm not here to shill -- but basically it's a bunch of book recommendations gathered into topical lists.)

Anyway, that post led to a bunch of you coming over to my site. Then I figured, what the heck, y'all came to visit -- the least I could do is post a list of Chuck's novels. So I did.

Here's where you come in. On my site we try to avoid the lengthy, plot-revealing descriptions from Amazon and the publishers. Instead, we like to have the book described by people who are passionate about them. If I'm not mistaken, that's you.

So, may I ask a favor? If you've got a minute, drop by my list of Chuck's novels and use the "Tell us what you thought" link to leave your thoughts behind?

Thanks so much.

(The guy who came up with Flashlight Worthy)
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