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lookie here!! :D

with the upcoming election at our heels, and the lack of my being very involved with the fellow culsters, it's come to my attention that there's absolutely no way possible for 2pk to win one of those fine awards in which the snackmaster (wes) has posted for us to vote on.... so, rather than kiss serious ass around these parts, i'd prefer to indirectly do so. :D
my excuse for being absent so often is as follows: "band width".
my excuse for not responding to most of the threads: "chronic abdominal pain/ diareah/ acheing groin/ headaches/ nausea/ and birth defects"
my wish: "to win something and to be somebody, regardless of how desparate the attempts i make and how degrating they are.. win win win! something something something!! attention attention attention!!!"
my final thought: *waiving a dangling, shiney pocket watch in front of your following eyes* "You love 2pennyKenny.... you need twopennykenny.... He deserves a handsome reward..... twopennykenny is the antichrist..... love him.... twopennykenny twopenny kenny two penny kennnnnnnyyyyyyyyy!!!!!"
*snaps fingers*
vote for the right person, please. twopenny kenny attourney at law. :D
portions of profit forwarded to the twopennykennyrules ubermoney foundation, please send cash or money order to twopenny kenny, that's right, twopenny kenny right away.