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Long hair.

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Ok so it's nothing much, and I feel like a stupid chick posting this, but I wanted to contribute something to this section since I’ve been reading it so much.
I have long hair and I thought that maybe someone writing about a character with long hair would like to know a few things that maybe they didn't know otherwise. I know there are guys out there with long hair as well (Rohan I believe may have longer hair then I do.) so he or some other guy can tell you if anything is different for guys.

My info:
Hair goes past my waist, and is naturally blond.
Never been dyed, permed, bleached, streaked or abused in any other way by chemicals.
I do not use any sort of special brushes or combs.
I do not have or use any sort of hairspray or any other hair product besides shampoo and conditioner.
I do not own a hair dryer or anything like that.

Basic long hair info:
Hair is hot to have in the summer, and good to have in the winter to keep you warm. In the summer it protects your neck, arms and back from getting burnt for awhile. In the winter, it protects those areas from the cold.
Hair gets tangled and it sucks a lot, since it can hurt to brush it out if you leave it for awhile.
People will drop cigarettes in your hair when you're at concerts etc, and if you don’t use hairspray, it won’t burst into flames, so the idiot can simply pick it out of your hair before you punch them out.
When walking by things, hair sometimes gets caught on door handles and other protruding items, yanking it out and making your head hurt. If it’s grabbed enough of it, it will drag your ass to the floor.
When sleeping with another person in the bed, you can wake up and find yourself trapped since they're asleep on your hair. They can also wake up and find themselves choking on your hair.
People will come up to you on the street and tell you that your hair is really long, and they have a 'thing' for long hair.
Braiding is the quickest and easiest way to get hair out of your face, as well as keep it from getting tangled.
People will touch your hair, even if they’re complete strangers. You have to either let them touch it, or jerk away.
Everyone assumes that showers should take you hours, however it only takes about 10 minutes to shampoo and condition it. If you don’t use a hair dryer, it takes hours for it to slowly dry.
It can be used against you. Anyone can easily grab your hair, wrap it around their hand and drag you around. If it’s long enough, you will be unable to reach up and fight back.
Some very strange and scary people have hair fetishes, and you will know this when you see them looking at it/you in ‘that’ way.
If you can’t find a shirt or bra, you simply put your hair over your tits and you’re free to walk in front of uncovered windows to find your shirt without giving the neighborhood kids a free show.
Women who kill other women always cut their victim’s long hair short.
If your hair brushes up against someone’s bare skin, they may think it’s spiders/bugs and slap at it.
When getting a ride home in a co-workers car, you may accidentally get them in trouble with their wife when they find a long piece of hair on the seat. Then, you have to meet the wife to prove that you’re the one with the insanely long hair, and that no, you’re not some hooker with a wig their husband picked up after work.

So yea, now I will go hide in embarrassment over having posted about hair.